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The gorges of the Colombière

The gorges of the Colombière are located about 10 km from Lamalou les Bains. On the D908 there is a car park for those who whish to swim because you can only claim the moutain by foot. An more or less natural pathway enables you to go up the goges which are in fact composed of many little pools and waterfalls.

The landscape is superbe and wild. The place is very touristic but the view is really worth seeing. A little snack bar is open all summer for those who wish to grab a drink at the bottom of the gorges. It is also the place where concerts are played in the summer.

The gorges of Héric
The south side of the "Mont de l'Espinouse" seems to be cut by these gorges in which flows the Héric. The river starts its journey at about 1000m above the level of the sea to flow in the ORB 8km down. The easiest way to get to the gorges is to go by Monts la Trivale, leave the car on the car park and follow the little route which is by the gorges.

If you can walk a good hour and reach the tiny village of Héric. You'll find there a place to stay overnight and a little bar in the shade of a figue tree which is very enjoyable in the summer.

You can also follow another track from Espinouse and going through the village of Douch. Park your car at the top in the village and then follow the GR on 3 km down hill through a thick forest to get to the village of Héric.

Make sur you will sit down for a drink there because the walk is a tiering one! And after a quick swim well you just have to go back up! This excursion is rather difficult for people not used to mountain hicks. The view from the top remains beautiful (see first photo) so feel free to come to Douch to admire the surroundings and take a walk to the Table d'orientation of the Mont Caroux at 1091 m. To reach it you also have to go up but it is always more pleasant to come back down hill!

Way from Montpellier
To arrive by Lamalou les Bains, pass by Clermont l' Hérault by N109 and A75. Then follow D908, cross Bédarieux to arrive at Lamalou les Bains


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