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The regional park of high Languedoc is entirely dedicated to nature. The fauna and the flora of Languedoc live there in total liberty for the great pleasure of nature lovers and wild animals fans. It was created in 1973 in order to preserve the fauna and the flora of High Languedoc. The "Monts de Lacaune", the Caroux and the Espinouse (see picture), the Sidobre and the north face of the "Montagne Noire" are all part of the parc.

Nearly 75000 people live inside the Parc. Many activities are offered such as hicks, horse rides and the very popular in this region donkey rides! You will find all sorts of places where to spend the night such as hotels B ans Bs ect... Moreover watersports can be tried out on the three lacs of the parc (the Lac de Laouzas, the Lac de la Raviège and the Lac des Saints Peyres). Two of them have their on watersport center. The vegetation is extremly diversified. You will obviously find mediterranean plants such as the green oak but you will also encounter spiecies that are more typical of colder regions and mountains. But the most famous inhabitant of the parc is the Mouflon no doubt! The Parc Régional du Haut Languedoc is home to the bigest population of mouflon in Europe!


The gorges of Colombière and the gorges of Héric
Small gorges formed at the bottom of Mont Caroux and Mont of Espinouse. The rivers Colombière and Heric have dug into the rock creating a few natural pools. One can not resist the urge to swim there! Ideal to refresh oneself the gorges are also ideal to take a small quiet walk in the wild.
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The plateau of lakes
Le Plateau des lacs, un havre de paix au milieu des collines At the heart of the Monts de Lacaune, a hight plateau has been chosen to create a few hydraulic dams. These dams lead to the creation of 4 amazing lacs. They have become ideal sites for camping, with a tente or a trailer or simply to rent a chalet. Watersports are of course very developed in the region as well as hicking, riding and bicking...
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The medieval village of Olargues
This charming little village overhangs the river "Le Jaur", it was built by a castle of which only the tour remains today. You can get to the village by an old stone bridge of the XIII century. The old part of the village is made of little paved alleyways full of flowers which add to the existing charm of the place.
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Valleys of Herault
- St Guilhem le Desert
- The valley of Bueges
- Ganges