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Saint Guilhem le désert - Medieval Village  

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Saint Guilhem le Désert
It is without a doubt the most well known medieval village in Montpellier's region. Very well preserved , this village is located on the hights of Herault. It overhangs narrow ravinas and the river du Verdus which flows into Hérault. It is an ancient stop on the way to Paris over the XII and XIII centuries. The village developed because of the Abbaye built by seigneur Guilhem in 804.

It is very pleasant to visit Saint Guilhem and get lost in its little streets so full of huden beauties. You will be able to discover with evry new step lovely cottages surrounded by flowers, a lot of little fountains, wonderful gardens places on many levels just by the river Verdus and little stairs dug in the rock (Saint Guilhem is built on a montain side)... Many artisans have opened their own shops in the village therefore enabling the tourists to familiarise with local specialities. Restaurants are grouped on the place principale also called place de la liberté but you will also find some by the ravinas offering a unique view on the gorges. Hotels offer a quiet place to stay if you wish to discover the region further.

Guilhem was the grandson of Charles Martel, brought up with his cousins including little Charles ( futur Charlemagne), he became a member of the royal court and was well know for his warrior skills especially against the Sarrasins. He will become one of Charlemagne's wisest avisers and a great friend. Before he retired to the monastère de Gellone (which he founded in 804), Charlemagne had offered him a piece of the Christ's Cross. Guilhem put it in the Eglise abbatiale where it still remains and can be seen. The monastère de Gellone was given the name of Saint Guilhem le désert during the XIIIème siècle, when it became a place of pilgrinage (Guilhem's grave and the Cross).

Way from Montpellier
By the road: access by N109 until the exit 61 towards Montarnaud, to cross the village and to follow D111 until Boissière then D27 towards Aniane and Holy Guilhem. Otherwise follow N109 until Gignac and take D32 towards Aniane (longer).



St Guilhem le désert
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