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The Valley of the Orb - Tourism

Mountains and sunny valleys  
The Orb takes its source in the limestones hights of the southern edge of causses of Larzac and runs out in the Mediterranean sea near Valras beach after having crossed the town of Béziers, it is nearly 150 km long. It crosses the mountainous landscapes of the mounts of Orb, forms small gorges before running out in the middle of the plains of the Biterrois and meeting the Mediterranean. He runs through green and wild landscapes but also typical Mediterranean landscapes such as vineyards .

- The lake of Avène, was artificialy created when the dam was built. Water srpeads on over 190 ha in the middle of the mountains, pin trees ect... It is a particulary wild lac particulary appreciated by people who enjoy the outdoors however there are no specially built spots for swimming and sunbathing. The place is nontheless magical thanks to its peace and quiet!

If you go down along the Orb, you can stop in the little village of Avène on the mountain side in order to refresh yoursel and take a small walk through its charming streets and go up to the cementary which has a astonishing view on the surrondings. Situated 2km from there the Bains d'Avène have become again a place of body care thank to the water's of Avene therapeutic vertus. These were known since the XIX century for the treatment of certain skin diseases. The water is also used for the fabrication of pharmaceutical products such as creams and gels which are then sold all over France.

You can go along Orb for about another 15km before discovering the château de Cazilhac on your left. This little castle and its very characteristic two square towers sits on top of a landscape of vineyards and fields. You can visit the gardens the terrasses which will offer a splendid view on Orb

The thermal town of Lamalou les Bains situated 20 km from there is more touristic and developped than the Bains d'Avène. It has many shops and hotels. It is a perfect resting place for those who wish to continue their journey either north towards the Parc Régional du Haut Languedoc or south towards the gorges de l'Orb.

- The gorges of the Orb form after Orb makes a turn towards the south at the level of Tarrassac about 15km from Lamalou les Bains. There Orb starts is way down towards the sea and crosses typically mediterranean landscapes. If you go along the D14 by the gorges, you will get to the village of Roquebrun. The mildness of its climat makes it the perfect places for all sorts of plants to grow. There is a mediterranean garden full of strange plants such as rare species of cactuses cultivated in this garden...
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Way from Montpellier
To begin the discovery at the level of the Lake of Avène, take N109 then A75 until Lodève, cross the city and follow Lunas Bédarieux, set on the right to the Bousquet d' Orb towards Avène.

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