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Cathedral Saint Pierre
This church looks almost like a medieval fortress with its two towers and imposing porch.Its construction was ordered by the pope Urbain V at the end of the 14th century...
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Church Holy Anne
This church was built at the XIX century during the economic development of the city simultaneously with the expansion of wine trade. Its majestic bell-tower can be seen from anywhere in town. She was reconverted in cultural centre in 1991 and accomodates today exposures and festivals all the year...

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Church Saint-Roch
Saint Roch is patron saint of the town of Montpellier in which it is originating. It is a Saint of the 14th century, he was the saint healer of the pestiferous ones. However this church which bears its name dates from the 19th century since its construction began in 1862 on the vestiges from the old Saint Paul church. The church has just been entirely renovated by the town of Montpellier which in is owner...
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Church Saint-Denis
A first church of the same name was built in XIème century outside the walls of the city. It was destroyed by the Protestants during the wars of religion not to be used for the Catholics. The current church Saint Denis was built in 1699 ...

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