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  Fabre Museum
39 boulevard Bonne nouvelle
34000 Montpellier

Closed in 2003 for major renovation works this museum reopened at the end of 2006. It has now regained its place amongts the most famous french museums. The building has been completly modernized so each peace of art is best exposed. Various collections are exposed in this very special museum. Renaissance, flammish paintings, historical and romantic paintings, the Soulage collection, a large modern art collection, an imposing collection of sculptures and many more...

Musée Fabre is a must see in Montpellier !!!

- The auditorium : contains 120 seats. It is entirely dedicated to conferences on modern art nationaly and worldwild.

- The Jean Claparede library : open every wednesday from 2pm to 6pm and by appointement ( for professors, researchersand students) on tuesdays, thursdays and fridays from 2pm to 5pm. It contains over 6000 books and magazines, two computers and 10 working desks. Many documents: thesis and other dissertations are accessible on demand.

- The digital and art workshops : It is a place made for people to be introduced to art and get a feel of what creation is. 300m² are devided in 3 areas one for exibitions one for computers and one is an art workshop.

- Multimedia gallery : It is the perfect place to start and plan your visit. Thanks to the many computers you can locate what you want to see and get extra informations about it.

• From time to time, temporary exhibitions are held in the Fabre Pavillion which is situated on the esplanade Charles de Gaulle in Montpellier.
- Call 04 67 66 13 46 to get the program of the exhibitions

Web site : www.montpellier-agglo.com (section culture/musée)

  Serignan Museum
146 avenue de la plage 34410 Serignan
Tél : 04 67 32 33 05.

Situated at the heart of the city center the Sérignan museum was inaugurated on the 23rd of september 2006 is entierly dedicated to contemporary art. It is the first museum of modern art of Herault and is a symbol of montpellier's cultural expension.
On a surface of 2500m² the museum has a permanent exhibition (abstract paysagisme, conceptual art, support/ srrfaces, narrative figuration, contemporary artistic scenes...) which was assembled thanks to donnations of temporary exhibitions and donnations of artists. It offers an access privileged to the works in various spaces: cabinet(office) of graphic arts, spaces of exhibition(exposure), room video, experimental shop windows, lounge - library, bookshop-shop. The museum proposes a large number of activities to all the public : commented visits, conferences, a thursday/a works, studios for the children, birthday into the museum…

Practical information : Open from 10 h A.M to 6 h P.M. except monday
Rates : 5 € - 3 € reduced rate.
Free : (inhabitants of Serignan, Villeneuve-les-Béziers, Vias), students in art and architecture, less than 12 years.
Commented visits : every Saturday at 3 pm - And during be all every Wednesday at 11 am Visits commented for the groups by appointment (reduced rate for the groups of more than 15 persons)

Web site :

  Archaeological museum of Lattes
390, Avenue de Pérols- 34971 Lattes
Phone : 04 67 99 77 20
Fax : 04 67 99 77 21
Open from monday to Friday ( except for the monthly closure on tuesday)
10 to 12 a.m and 1.30 to 5.30 p.m
Weekend : 2 p.m till 7 p.m

- Rate : free entry every first sunday of the month.
- Full price :    3,5 €
- Reduced rate : 2 €

This museum transports us through space and time. You can now discovered the ancient port Lattes through various civilizations… the objects presented come from the sites of excavations of Lattes and the area as well as various private and public collections. Thanks to various supports the museum organizes themed exibitions regularly enabling us to discover splendid objects coming from the whole of the Mediterranean area.

- showroom: 1200 m2 - cinema of 150 seats - educational service

Web site :
www.montpellier-agglo.com (section culture/musée)

  Agropolis Museum

951 avenue Agropolis
34394 Montpellier cedex 5
Phone : 04 67 04 75 00
Open everyday 2 pm to 6 pm except tuesday.
Rate : 5€/reduced rate : 3€

Opened in 1993, it has a surface of 1200 m2. This museum of the Agropolis district is devoted to various topics such as hunting, gathering, agriculture, domestic life, transport or costumes. It presents permanent exibitions as for example in 2002 when an exposure on drinks of the world was presented. The creation of a very interesting cybermuseum must be noted here.

Web site : www.agropolis.fr

  Lou Fougau Mount-Pelieirenc

2 place Pétrarque
34000 Montpellier
Open wednesdays and thursdays from 3 till 6 p.m except bank holidays
Free entrance.

This museum was created in 1930 in a building dating from the XVIIIème century, Pétrarque place, in the middle of the old part of Montpellier. A room is devoted to the reconstitution of an interior of the XIXème century. It shows the life in Montpellier during the XIXème century: costumes, objects, various ustensils and so on. The museum also presents windows of exposures to topics varied throughout the year. It also has a library including books in French and a Languedocien.

  Museum of the infantry

Officers' training school of the infantry.
Avenue Lepic
34057 Montpellier Cedex 01
Open everyday from 2 till 5.30 p.m except tuesdays.
Entrance : 3 euros and free under 18.

It has just been renovated in 1999 but dates back to the end of the XIX century. It is the only museum of the Ministry of Defense devoted to infantry since its origins up to our days. It is located at the school of application of the infantry which took again the torch of the schools of infantry of the XIX ème century for the management training of the army. The museum is immense, it presents an enormous collection of 15.000 objects on a surface of 2500 m2. It presents the history of the French infantery since XV century but memoirs of the Maghreb's riflemen and officers in the colonies of North Africa.


  Museum of the History of Montpellier Xè-XVIè centuries

Place Jean Jaurès
34000 Montpellier
Phone :
Open from tuesday to sunday from 10.30 to 12.30 a.m and from 13.30 to 6 p.m
Entrance : 1,50€.

This small museum was created in 2001. The museum presents the history of the construction of Montpellier in the form of a videographic patchwork made from synthesized images, a theatre of silhouette, an “animated” model and a film. The visit lasts approximately 35 minutes and must be directed by a guide.

Web site : www.ville-montpellier.fr

  Museum of the moldings

Université Paul Valéry
Route de Mende
34199 Montpellier CEDEX 05
Phone :
Open from Monday to Friday, from 2 to 6 p.m. Closed during christmas break and august.
Free entrance, handicaped access.

Created into 1890 this museum of the mouldings of the Faculty of Arts of Montpellier was opened to the public on that same year. It was moved in the Sixties to the new buildings of faculty Paul Valéry. It presents a collection of more than three hundred ancient sculptures reaching from old Egypt to antiquated and traditional Greece of Vè and IVè centuries before J. - C., a viewing not to be missed if you are amateurs of ancient statues. You will be able to also appreciate the collection of 150 medieval parts of the period before art Romane.

  Museum from the Languedoc, Hotel of the treasurers of France

7 rue Jacques Coeur
34000 Montpellier
Open from Monday to Saturday, from 2 to 5 p.m and from 3 to 6 p.m in July and August
Closed on sunday and Bank Holidays.
Entrance 5 euros or 3 with reduction

The collections and the hotel belong to the archaeological company of Montpellier founded in 1833 by art lovers and scholars. The institution was recognized of public interest by Sadi Carnot in 1888.
The Hotel of the Treasurers of France was bequeathed in 1910 by Henri de Lunaret, the archaeological company could install its collections there from 1939. The collection grows richer regularly thanks to gifts and legacies but also through acquisitions.
Thus you will be able to admire very interesting parts like decorative pieces of art of XVIè and XVIIè centuries but also masterpieces of the Middle Ages, prehistoric, Gallo-Roman objects etc…

  Museum from Montpellier of the pharmacy Albert Ciurana

Pharmacy Faculty
15 avenue Charles Flahault
34093 Montpellier CEDEX 5
Phone :
Open Tuesdays and fridays, from 10 to 12 p.m
Entrance : 3€ (with a guide)

The museum was created in 1972 to gather documents on pharmacy and more broadly medicine and sciences.
You will be able to thus discover many objects recalling the history of pharmacy, medicine, surgery and science. You will also find there a library and many valuable files.


  Sabatier d' Espeyran museum, Hotel of Cabrières

6 bis rue Montpelliéret
34000 Montpellier
Phone :
Only opened for guided tours on appointment everyday except Mondays
Entrance: 7€.

This hotel was built at the beginning of the third Republic, it was then bequeathed to the town of Montpellier in 1967 by Mrs Sabatier d'Espayran born of Cabrières according to the wish of her husband who was a important diplomat and bibliophile.
It is a museum of decorative arts, in late Napoleon III style which shows us the middle-class life style in the second half of the XIX century. On the second floor you will be able to admire furnitures from the XVIII century.

Web site : www.ville-montpellier.fr

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