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Roch Saint Church
Saint Roch is patron saint of the town of Montpellier in which it is originating. It is a Saint of the 14th century, he was the saint healer of the pestiferous ones. However this church which bears its name dates from the 19th century since its construction began in 1862 on the vestiges from the old Saint Paul church.

The church has just been entirely renovated by the town of Montpellier which in is owner.You will be able to admire there two splendid stained glasses originating in another church representing Saint Paul and Saint Roch, they were installed in the church during its restoration…

The church is also a place of pilgrimage for certain believers who come to collect and request his assistance from famous Saint montpelliérain. Saint Roch is the Saint of the pilgrims, therefore recently, the pilgrims travelling towards Saint Jacques de Compostelle who take the road “of Arles” (this one crosses Montpellier) are accomodated in the buildings of the sanctuary.

Small chronology
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- 1340 (approximately) - 1378: Birth and life of Roch Saint (It is honoured every year at the time of the festival with August 16).

- 1862: Beginning of the construction of the church Roch Saint with the place of the church Saint Paul, it follows the construction of the vault de' Pénitents White and precedes that by the church Sainte Anne
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