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In vino veritas bara 20
Above all In vino veritas is a wine bar dedicated to wines of Languedoc Roussillon, the main AOC is present on the card ( 60 references), it is thus the ideal place to discover the Coteaux du Languedoc, Saint Chinian and the other Vin de Pays d'Oc...
Finally, you can sample your wines with a varied and refreshing cooking in the south accents, where the fish is rather present...

Open : From Monday till saturday noon and from Wednesday till Saturday evening, Service untill 23 hours.

In vino veritas bara 20
16 rue diderot
34000 Montpellier
04 67 84 80 65

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• Vineyards of Herault.
The Hérault became a very big wine-producing region today, five of its soils are classified in AOC (Saint Chinian, Minervois, Faugères, Clairette du Languedoc and Côteaux du Languedoc). The wine growers show a knowledge enriched by wine growers' generations, the variety of grounds give a peculiarity to every soil offering us an unequalled variety of wines...

• History of wine in Languedoc...
The wine appeared in Languedoc Roussillon, the Long pole in this time, in the VIIth century by means of the Etruscan traders. Soon wines imported by Greece were consumed with pleasure and the first Gallic wine growers planted their vine towards Massalia (Greek name of Marseille).

In the discovery of wine...
The vine grows under the shape of a climbing shrub, its Latin name is vitis vinifera, it was domesticated for the culture of its fruits and the wine production and it since the antiquity. Its various varieties are called vines and possess their own characteristics which are at the origin of the various aromas of wines.

La cave des Arceaux : cellarman advice
The "Cave de Arceaux" selected for you more than 480 references...
The "Cave de Arceaux", it is the vision of the wine that asserts himself in the learning of the taste... Domains and wine growers are selected by our care for their qualities : on every Saturday they come to make you discover their wines...

• Lexicon of wine - The french terms to be known...
Acidité: Contribute to the balance of the wine by bringing to it its " liveliness in mouth ". The acidity also reveals the flavours.
Ample: We talk about a wine which is imperative for a long time and intensely in mouth.

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Domains by naming
- Coteaux du Languedoc
- Saint Chinian
- Minervois
- Faugères